"My daughter was born with a brain cyst. After eight years, it had changed in size very little. On January 29th, 2002, she began receiving Frequencies of Brilliance treatments from Joyce. A CT scan in October of 2002 revealed the complete absence of any foreign material in her brain. Frequencies of Brilliance is the only new therapy she was receiving during this period of time."

– Mary H.

I have worked with Joyce for the past 5 years, and the work has had an amazing impact on my life. I initially went to Joyce so that she could work on my child with brain injury and so that she could work on my traumatic stress syndrome over my child's injury. My daughter and I have both had regular hands-on healing sessions with Joyce weekly, and I have also participated in her classes. Joyce is truly a kind, gentle, non-judgmental, intuitive practitioner. Sometimes we do a lot of hands-on therapy such as cranial sacral, sometimes we do energy work, sometimes she is my counselor, and sometimes I just sit and cry while she holds space. Her work has been deeply transformational for both me and my daughter.

– Joan V.

"Prior to working with Joyce, I was experiencing visual migraines. 
I was being treated by my general physician with medication which made me feel groggy and out of sorts.  Since finishing my Frequencies of Brilliance sessions, I have had no occurrences of migraines. Also, after 20 treatments, my son went from barely passing the 7th grade to being on the B honor roll the first two quarters of the 8th grade."

– Lisa B.

"I decided to work with Joyce some months ago when I needed to begin healing from some serious and persistent medical conditions, including some long-term and very troublesome muscle pain. In the course of the healing work, Joyce has helped me to understand very difficult personal material, much of it from early childhood, and other struggles lingering from a crisis that developed six years ago.  With Joyce’s wisdom and support, I have been able to work through this painful and challenging material with amazing speed. I am now largely pain-free, and my energy is better than it has been for a very long time. I have also resolved or made great progress with trauma that has brought emotional and physical pain and complication for most of my life. I am extremely grateful for the insights Joyce has given me, for her commitment to this work, for the tremendous personal progress I’ve made, and for much additional joy and freedom in my life."

– Kris H.

“My 14 year old son has been on medication for ADHD since the age of 5. Since doing Frequencies of Brilliance treatments with Joyce, he has been off of his medication for four months and has managed to raise his grade point average from a 2.8 to a 3.91.”

– Janet H.

"In the time I’ve known Joyce I have experienced much transformation through her guidance, healings and instruction.   She brings integrity, compassion, and a reverence for spirit that touches all she does. Rarely do I pass up an opportunity to be a part of what Joyce is offering.  She listens, trusts and acts, and as a result has taught me to do the same. Joyce has opened many doors where I was able to safely enter, do my work and blossom into my soul self. I feel Joyce has served as the edging in my labyrinth that has guided me through and to the answers, help, self-love, healing, forgiveness, surrender, compassion, trust, growth, faith and humor. My two sons (12 & 16) love her, willingly trust her, and welcome working with her. "

– Terese K.