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Hara Alignment Classes
Offered Monthly
Energetic Foundations -
Aligning To Your Personal Power

Join Joyce Browning, Sally Kirwin and Anne Westfall in a 2 day, highly experiential workshop.

We will give you tools and practical experience in generating and maintaining your own energetic systems in an environment of ease and allowance with liberal doses of humor! Learn how to perceive, strengthen and work with your magnetic Hara Core Essence for your personal spiritual integrity, physical potency and emotional balance. Creating and generating in the material world requires alignment of your magnetic ( lntention/Hara) and electrical (Thought/Emotion) energy fields. 

You will receive a comprehensive energy assessment, energy balancing and coaching specific to you and your desired targets for alignment of your magnetic and electrical systems. The number of workshop participants has been selected to assure a high level of attention to each person present. With 3 Facilitators for up to 12 participants, your comfort level and the mastery of material presented is our priority. You will receive the restoration of union with Earth and the elements throughout the weekend; culminating in an experiential meditation with The 7 Directions.

Using tools from Access Energy Transformation, traditional lndigenous Healing, Core Magnetic Alignment, and Sound and Energy Transmissions, you will be taught how to maintain your own system as your Being requires it. You will leave our time together empowered with knowledge and practical tools. 
Sexual Alignment Initiation
Call for details
The Sexual Alignment Process is meant to assist you in aligning your sexuality with your heart and the Light of the Self. An enlightened sexuality is the key to a full expression of your Divinity in this body, a gateway to bliss and expanded states of consciousness. A focus on this enlightened sexual expression of the Self creates healing for the entire body, fires your awakening process and the merging with the Source of All Life. Although this work will facilitate oneness with your Sacred Partner, it primarily creates a sense of oneness within the individual, bringing the masculine and the feminine aspects within the self into a state of Sacred Marriage.  It is unlimited in its ability to accelerate your awakening.  The Sexual Alignment Process will especially benefit those with sexual disease or traumas.

In this 2 ½ day workshop, participants will be learning and receiving the healing technique that supports this alignment process within the body and energetic field.   This technique is a type of tablework that incorporates a series of light touches to both the front and back of the body that participants can then use on clients, friends and family.   

Coming Home to the Heart Workshop
Call for details
In this workshop we will use meditation, sacred geometry, drumming, inner child work and hands on energy work to open our hearts.  Through Self-love we enter into equanimity and a peaceful presence where we are more able to access our divine right to abundance and ease in this lifetime.   Through Self-love we are more able to be present and available to our loved ones and all others.   Many of us have lived with the mistaken belief that putting others first and ourselves last is the right way to live our lives and be productive in the world.   We will look with new eyes at the concept of self-nurturance and self-love, so that we may live in the world with our hearts full and overflowing love that feeds others without diminishing or starving ourselves. 

This workshop will be very experiential.  Each participant will be receiving Frequencies of Brilliance energy work techniques such as the introductory Stage 1 session, the Heart organ work and Light Streaming work that that will bring a new sense of purpose and balance to your life.        

The workshop will be facilitated by Joyce Browning and Joanne Wakefield.  They are advanced level Frequencies of Brilliance practitioners and experienced workshop facilitators.  Each one brings their own unique gifts and expertise to this workshop experience.   

You will also have an opportunity to experience the Trinfinity8 rejuvenation and spiritual alignment system.  This system will be incorporated into the  workshop  processes.